1-Aktivisti inicijative Lets do it su partneri projekta Od izvora do mora 1-Aktivisti inicijative Lets do it su partneri projekta Od izvora do mora

Mountaineers, sportsmen, women's organizations, but also citizens and schoolchildren joined the action of separate collection of packaging waste in Rudo. The municipality of Rudo and local organizations responded to the call for partnership and participation in the project From source  to the sea which Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina sent to the seven cities and municipalities included in this year's project.

The action of cleaning and collecting waste in Rudo, with the support of numerous partner institutions and organizations and with the coordination of the NGO Eco Centar, included separate collection of waste through parks and streets and along the banks of the Lim River. Action participants separated recyclable waste from mixed waste, and collected plastic packaging, paper and cans separately from other waste that cannot be reused.

This was the third action within the project that started on September 7 with the action of collecting packaging waste along the banks of the Drina river and through Višegrad, and continued in Foča. After today's action in Rudo, actions are planned in Bihać on October 1, Tuzla on October 8, Tomislavgrad on October 15, and the final action for this year in Sarajevo on October 29.

Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a socially responsible company and a leader in the application of the postulates of sustainable business, has clearly set goals related to reducing the impact on the environment. One of the company's strategic commitments, as well as a global initiative, is a world without waste, which includes the project From source  to the sea, implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time this year.

Coca-Cola’s project  From source  to the sea it is implemented in cooperation with local NGOs - Eco Center from Višegrad and CA Ruke  from Sarajevo. So far, the project has been supported in partnership by: the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology of the Republika Srpska, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska, the Ministry of Municipal Economy, Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Construction, Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection of Una-Sana Canton, Vode Srpska Public Institution, Adriatic Sea Water Area Agency, Municipality of Višegrad, City of Bihać, City of Tuzla, Municipality of Tomislavgrad, Municipality of Rudo, Municipality of Foča.


The partners of the project are the companies Ekopak and Euro Beta, which are in charge of organizing the collection of waste. In addition to partner non-governmental organizations and companies for separate collection and recycling of waste, the partners of the project are the companies Konzum BiH and Mercator BiH.