Coca-Cola in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo (referred to herein as “Coca-Cola HBC B-H”) is in the majority ownership of its parent company, Coca-Cola HBC AG (referred to herein as “CCHBC” or “the Group”) operating in 28 countries, one of the biggest bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s products.

Coca-Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo is the only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina licensed to produce, bottle and distribute products of The Coca-Cola Company. The first-ever bottle of Coca-Cola produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina was manufactured in 1975 in the Hadžići bottling plant. However, Coca- Cola products entered the country’s market several years earlier, in 1969.

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Of the total 120 million liters of non-alcoholic beverages that Coca-Cola HBC B-H imports or produces for the local market, 89% are produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Coca-Cola HBC B-H operates across the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina: with a production, distribution and management center in Hadžići, sales and distribution centers in Tuzla, Mostar, Ljubuški, and Banja Luka – Laktaši, and a sales and administrative office in Bihać. 

Currently, we distribute a range of sparkling and still beverages, water, energy drinks, and spirits.