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We continue our successful partnership with the Mercator brand in BiH and with the Pika card on the Recycle Me project. Give me a new life. We have shown that through joint efforts we can properly dispose of PET packaging and provide it with a new life and we have proven the willingness of consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina to return PET bottles to points of sale.

Want to participate? Bring PET bottles to selected Mercator hypermarkets across Bosnia and Herzegovina and get additional BONUS MARKS on your Mercator Pika card.

Working together, we can achieve a vision of a world without waste

Coca-Cola HBC is a leading global beverage company in the area of sustainable business according to the Dow-Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).  With the comprehensive multiannual World Without Waste program, we are actively working on finding and applying solutions to challenges related to packaging. As a socially responsible company focused on sustainability, we want to draw attention to the importance of responsible management and proper disposal of beverage packaging in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Where can you earn additional bonus marks?

From 1 June to 27 July 2024, from 9 AM to 5 PM, consumers can dispose of PET bottles in six selected Mercator hypermarkets:

  1. Mercator Ložionička, 16 Ložionička St, Sarajevo
  2. Mercator Dobrinja, 1 M. Sinana Blvd, Dobrinja
  3. Mercator Mostar, 39 Stjepana Radića St, Mostar
  4. Mercator Tuzla, II korpusa Armije BiH bb, Tuzla
  5. Mercator Borik, 69 St. Sava Alley, Banja Luka
  6. Mercator Brcko, 68b Reisa J. Čauševića St, Brčko

Additional BONUS MARKS for storing PET beverage packaging on Saturdays

From 1 June to 27 July 2024, you can dispose of packaging waste in containers placed at the entrances of the aforementioned hypermarkets, every Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. After disposing of the PET packaging, depending on its quantity, you will receive additional BONUS MARKS at the location, which will be assigned to your PIKA card.

For each bottle, regardless of size, you get additional BONUS MARKS on your PIKA card. The Pika cardholder can bring a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of one hundred (100) bottles per day.

Additional BONUS MARKS can be redeemed as early as every Tuesday of the week, for the duration of the project, in accordance with the rules of the PIKA Card program.

New life smiles on collected packaging

The friends of the project are the companies Ekopak and Eurobeta, which ensure the proper management of the selected waste beverage packaging.

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