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The result of this year's cooperation between Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Film Festival in the Recycle Me. Give me a new life. initiative  is more than 10 tons of collected waste. These are 950 kg of PET packaging, 530 kg of cans, 1417 kg of glass packaging and 7420 kg of mixed waste. In the busiest streets in the center of Sarajevo, from August 10 to 19, citizens deposited plastic bottles, cans and other (mixed) waste separately in Coca-Cola containers and barrels.

The infrastructure included 17 sets of containers and five sets of barrels, and each set had  three units for separate disposal: for plastic, for cans and for mixed waste. For the third season of the project, new containers were made from recycled plastic. 12 kg of recycled plastic was used for each of the individual containers. In total, 612 kg of recycled plastic were reused for 51 containers.

"This is a significant amount of waste that represents a joint success and confirms what can be achieved through cooperation between different sectors of society. The combination of innovation, art and responsibility towards the environment has already produced positive changes in these three years and offered inspiration for other organizations and institutions to join efforts towards creating a sustainable future. Care for the environment and sustainable practices remained the focus of this year's partnership between Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Film Festival. Recycle me. Give me a new life. achieved concrete results at the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival on the way to a  World without waste, but also sent a clear message about the importance of individual contributions to the preservation of the environment. It is constantly shown that every small gesture counts and that together we can achieve significant changes. We would like to thank all the partners of the initiative, but also everyone who supported the project and contributed to the joint success", said Bruno Jelić, Director of the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Department of Coca-Cola HBC Adria.

Recycle me. Give me a new life. initiative is part of the global program World without waste, which aims to create new habits, educate and raise awareness among citizens about the importance of proper disposal, sorting and recycling of waste.

In line with the key message of the World without waste program and the Recycle Me. Give me a new life. initiative that waste is not garbage but a resource, all the collected waste that was collected was sent for recycling in cooperation with the Cantonal Public Utility Company RAD and the company "Ekopak".

The Coca-Cola company has committed to collecting and recycling the same amount of bottles and cans as it puts on the market by 2030, and that the share of recycled materials in the primary packaging will be at least 50 percent. By 2025, all primary packaging will be fully recyclable and the goal is to achieve net zero emissions in the entire value chain by 2040.