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Coca-Cola's campaign to collect packaging waste for recycling continues in Bosnia and Herzegovina this year as well. Coca-Cola's Recycle Me. Give me a new life. project, in cooperation with partner Mercator, will have a new, pilot edition. During the period from June 3 to July 29, 2023, plastic packaging waste will be collected in six selected Mercator hypermarkets, and for each plastic bottle, regardless of the size, the bearers will receive an additional 5 Pika points on their card, the equivalent of 0.10 BAM.

"As a socially responsible company focused on sustainability, partnerships and innovation, we want to point out in Bosnia and Herzegovina the importance of responsible and proper disposal of packaging waste. Activities within Coca-Cola's Recycle Me. Give me a new life. initiative as part of the global program World without waste, they are aimed at creating new habits for the proper disposal of packaging waste and at educating about the importance of recycling waste to preserve resources and the environment. This is one of Coca-Cola's projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina where we are actively working on finding and applying solutions related to packaging challenges," emphasized Bruno Jelić, director of the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Department at Coca-Cola HBC Adria.

Coca-Cola invites all citizens to collect and deliver plastic bottles to selected Mercator hypermarkets throughout BiH and receive additional points on their Mercator Pika card. Locations where citizens will be able to bring plastic bottles are: Mercator Ložionička, Mercator Dobrinja, Mercator Mostar, Mercator Tuzla, Mercator Borik, Mercator Brčko. 

"I am extremely proud because Mercator is the first retail chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is part of a very important initiative to launch a project for recycling plastic packaging waste in cooperation with our long-term partner Coca-Cola HBC. Raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment in which we live is one of Mercator's long-term goals, and this year in our hypermarkets in five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with Coca-Cola HBC, we decided to create plastic packaging collection points and reward customers who respond to this initiative through additional points on the Pika card. I believe that the response will be great, and that all participants will spread their awareness of the importance of recycling to their micro environment, and especially to the younger generations," said Haris Arnautović, head of Mercator's Marketing Department.

Instructions for additional points for disposal of waste plastic packaging on Saturdays

 It will be possible to deposit plastic packaging in containers placed at the entrances of listed hypermarkets, every Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm. After placing plastic packaging in containers, depending on the amount, Pika card owners will be awarded points. For each plastic bottle, regardless of size, the bearers get an additional 5 Pika points on the card, equivalent to 0.10 BAM. The minimum number of delivered plastic bottles, per Pika card holder, on a daily basis is ten (10), and the maximum is one hundred (100). Collected Pika points can be used during the first purchase from August 15, 2023, in accordance with the rules of the Pika Card program.

Friends of the pilot project are the companies Ekopak and Euro Beta, which ensure proper management of packaging waste.