1A Kontejneri za odvojeno odlaganje otpada 1A Kontejneri za odvojeno odlaganje otpada

Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Film Festival are again this year dedicated to improvements in the field of environmental protection and sustainability through the implementation of the Recycle Me. Give me a new life. initiative. Activities within the Recycle Me. Give me a new life. initiative and the global World without waste program are aimed at creating new habits for proper disposal and sorting of waste, as well as educating and raising citizens' awareness of the importance of waste recycling for the preservation of resources and the environment.

The busiest festival locations in the city are equipped with 25 containers consisting of three units: for plastic bottles, cans and mixed waste, as well as 20 barrels for packaging and mixed waste. Separately collected waste is then taken over by the utility company "Rad", and then by the company "Ekopak", which takes care of recycling plastic packaging and other separately collected recyclable materials.

- We are happy that this year our partnership with a major global brand and leader in the field of socially responsible business has been strengthened by Coca-Cola's global initiative World without waste. Recycle me. Give me a new life. initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it started right at the Sarajevo Film Festival last year, and additionally supported our commitment to sustainable practices, which we are realizing this year through the ecological initiative - Greening of Sarajevo Film Festival. Responsible waste disposal, collection and recycling are an integral part of the efforts of the Sarajevo Film Festival and Coca-Cola towards a healthier and cleaner environment for everyone. - said Mr. Jovan Marjanović, director of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

- During last year's Festival, for eight days of activities of the Recycle me. Give me a new life. initiative the following were collected separately: one ton of plastic waste, two tons of paper, six tons of glass and three tons of mixed waste. This year, we want to promote sustainable and responsible practices in business through concrete actions with the Sarajevo Film Festival by reducing our impact on the environment in the communities where we operate. At the same time, we continue to encourage citizens to take a responsible attitude towards packaging and other waste, and participate in creating better habits - separate collection and disposal of waste. - said Bruno Jelić, Director of the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Department of Coca-Cola HBC Adria.

Coca-Cola HBC, as a socially responsible company and a leader in the application of the postulates of sustainable business, has clearly set goals related to the reduction of environmental impact. One of the company's global strategic commitments is the World without waste program, whose activities directly contribute to reducing the impact on the environment and offer solutions to challenges related to packaging. Along with Coca-Cola and the Sarajevo Film Festival, Mercator is participating in the initiative, in whose sales facility in Ložionička one of the containers for separate waste disposal has been installed.