Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo stops using plastic wrapping film and starts using KeelClip™, an innovative minimalist cardboard packaging that can be fully recycled. KeelClip™ will be used on all packages of up to six cans of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Schweppes, and will then be extended to part of the rest of the range of non-alcoholic carbonated drinks that come to market in cans.

With innovative solutions like KeelClip™, Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo strives to contribute to the creation of a world without waste. It is a comprehensive multi-year plan launched in cooperation with a strategic partner - The Coca-Cola Company, whose goal is to solve challenges related to packaging. As part of the plan, one of the goals is for the primary packaging used by Coca-Cola HBC to become fully renewable by 2025, and the introduction of KeelClip™ is an additional step in this direction.

The introduction of KeelClip™ is only part of the activities by which Coca-Cola HBC, as a leader in socially responsible and sustainable business, reduces its impact on the environment. Other activities include reducing the weight of packaging, increasing the use of renewable materials and collecting packaging that is placed on the market.

By implementing this program, Coca-Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo has reduced the weight of plastic bottles produced in its plant by a total of 7% over the last 10 years. An innovation in the production facility is a new type of plastic cap which, based on a 26% lighter weight, will contribute to reducing the use of plastic by almost 50 tons in 2022.

Coca-Cola in Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms its commitment to sustainable business with its socially responsible projects. With the project From source  to the sea, it encourages actions to clean the coasts from packaging waste and raises awareness of the importance of proper disposal of waste and preservation of water resources. In 2021, this project collected more than 5 tons of waste.

With the mentioned program, in October 2021, Coca-Cola HBC committed to achieving a zero rate of greenhouse gas emissions in its entire value chain by 2040. The company has created a clear plan and plans to invest 250 million euros by 2025 in initiatives to reduce emissions. Where it will not be possible to completely remove greenhouse gas emissions, the company will reduce them by investing in other climate protection measures. 


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