The traditional cycling event which is held in Sarajevo on the first Sunday in September set a new record in terms of number of participants. The eight traditional Giro di Sarajevo gathered more than 2,000 cyclists of all ages.

Aiming to promote active lifestyle and cycling as a healthy and economical mode of transportation Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo was this year again the main partner of Giro di Sarajevo, the bicycle ride which is organised on Sunday, September 6, in partnership with the Giro di Sarajevo Association and the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo.

"Our strategic focus on encouraging an active lifestyle is confirmed by the partnership in the organisation of the largest cycling event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the eighth consecutive year now, together with our partners the Giro di Sarajevo Association and the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo, we successfully promote the importance of an active lifestyle and outdoor recreation. The number of participants and partners of the event has been constantly growing and this represents the confirmation of the previously achieved success. We are especially pleased to have an increasing number of employees of our company and members of their families who can be found among the participants each year. Through successful organisation of the eighth Giro di Sarajevo, we have shown how public-private partnerships in the development and implementation of community-based projects can produce excellent results", said Alma Šahbaz, head of public relations at Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo.

As in previous years, the cyclist took traditional route Dobrinja – Town Hall – Wilson’s Promenade. At the start, all registered participants received a bottle of Olimpija water and a flag with starting number, which they could use to participate in the giveaway of valuable gifts upon completion of the race. Along the entire route, the cyclists were joined by citizens riding on their bicycles, so more than 2,000 cyclists were gathered by the end. Safety of participants was once again placed under the care of the Ministry of Interior of the Sarajevo Canton.

The participants of the eight Giro di Sarajevo also promoted tolerance in traffic and marked the International Car Free Day. The cyclists drew attention to the need to proceed with the construction of bike paths and adequate infrastructure in Sarajevo and other BiH cities.

"This large number of participants, the support provided by the city authorities and partners that have recognised the significance of the event and the activities that we organise, represent the greatest satisfaction and the best proof that we do a good thing for the community and that we should continue to do so in the future. We are glad that we have an increasing number of our citizens and that this has become ever larger traditional gathering, which will help us with achieving our primary objective - creating conditions for cyclists who should no longer be afraid to go out on the streets with their bikes. This can be ensured only by having high-quality infrastructure", concluded Loren Keserović, project manager of Giro di Sarajevo.

In order to promote an active lifestyle, this year Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo provided refreshments for all participants of the event Giro di Sarajevo, as well as valuable gifts which the luckiest participants received from the members of Coca‑Cola cycling team and Giro di Sarajevo Association. Great atmosphere at the most visited Giro di Sarajevo event so far was complemented by the DJ show, with Coca‑Cola for all participants, which was organised on the Wilson’s Promenade after the race. Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo supports this project as part of its program of promoting an active lifestyle - Happiness is Movement.