By successful organisation of the second Fitness Day in Tuzla, Coca‑Cola has implemented another activity within the Happiness is Movement project.

More than 3,000 participants gathered at the Mejdan hall in Tuzla as part of the second Happiness is Movement - Fitness Day which was organised within the framework of continued cooperation between Coca‑Cola HBC B-H, the City of Tuzla, the Workers' Sports Association "Sloboda" (RSD “Sloboda”) and many other partners. After the successful organisation of this event in September last year and rather positive feedback from the participants, the project has gained the attention and support of new partners dedicated to promoting active lifestyles in the community. The event was supported by Bosnian Olympic athlete and winner of numerous sports awards, Amel Tuka.

The program lasted over several hours and it was designed and implemented with the intent to inspire as many participants as possible, regardless of their age, physical fitness and stamina, and make them participate in the Happiness is Movement - Fitness Day activities through movement and exercise.

"It is a great honor to be part of the team who encouraged the citizens of Tuzla to exercise in this year as well, since this inevitably creates happiness and great atmosphere in line with the philosophy of our brands. Today's activity is a testament to establishing quality and long-term cooperation between the public and private sector, which is most important for implementation of successful CSR projects such as Happiness is Movement", said Adnan Topić, franchise director at Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo, who, as the company’s representative, was presented the award of recognition of the City of Tuzla and RSD "Sloboda" for promotion of importance of regular physical exercise and active lifestyle in the community.

"For the second year in row, Coca‑Cola partners with RSD "Sloboda" to jointly implement the Happiness is Movement project and this makes us very happy and proud, bearing in mind that, after last year's Fitness Day, even more participants gathered this year. We are honored to, once again, have the opportunity to present achievements of both our clubs and renowned young individuals who promote active lifestyles", said Aid Berbić, President of the Managing Board of RSD "Sloboda" Tuzla.

During this four-hour program, and in addition to a variety of exercise programs harmonised with their needs, the participants had access to expert teams for measurement of the body mass index and physical fitness, lectures organised by the BiH Agency for Anti-Doping Control and the Red Cross of the City of Tuzla, presentations of clubs within the RSD "Sloboda", and educational games organised by the project partner Ekopak, which, in a fun way, stressed the importance of conscientious and responsible waste management and environmental protection, as well as many other sports and educational activities. Rapper Frenkie was in charge of entertainment and great atmosphere.

Through active participation in sports activities and with the help of the project partner Ekopak, this year’s participants had another opportunity to separately dispose of packaging waste that was generated after the consumption of water and other beverages provided by Coca‑Cola. By the end of the program, collected packaging waste was sent for further treatment and recycling. In this way, the participants of the "Happiness is Movement" demonstrated not only adherence to healthy lifestyle and the spirit of sport, but a responsible attitude towards environment as well, while Ekopak promoted the importance of proper disposal of packaging waste and raising of public awareness in this field.

In addition to the partners like RSD “Sloboda” and the City of Tuzla, Happiness Movement – Fitness Day in Tuzla event was supported by the Pedagogical Institute of the Tuzla Canton, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Tuzla Canton, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Tuzla, Association of Medical Students “Medicus”, Ekopak, Health Center Tuzla - Sports Medicine Clinic, Association of Physical and Health Education Pedagogues of the Tuzla Canton, RTV7, Red Cross of the City of Tuzla, Council of Students of the Medical High School in Tuzla, BiH Agency for Anti-Doping Control, Newevent and FM Jam Records.