Coca‑Cola Zero, the internationally popular soft drink offering the original Coca‑Cola flavour and zero sugar, is being introduced by Coca‑Cola HBC B-H in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Coca‑Cola Zero was first launched by The Coca‑Cola Company in 2006 and has become one of the most successful new products in its history. It is currently available in more than 130 countries. 

With its distinctive black label, Coca‑Cola Zero is the choice of consumers who make no compromises and want the true taste of Coca‑Cola with no sugar. 

“Coca‑Cola Zero is intended for all those who enjoy the full and rich taste of 
Coca‑Cola, and this new variant of their favourite beverage will be the right choice for them” said Lejla Zorlak, Marketing Manager of The Coca‑Cola Company for Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We are convinced that it will soon win over the hearts of our consumers who know how to enjoy the good things in life” pointed out.

Adnan Topić, Sales Manager of Coca‑Cola HBC B-H, added: “We are putting a lot of effort into making
Coca‑Cola Zero available to our consumers in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as soon as possible. Coca‑Cola Zero has achieved excellent results in all the countries where it has been introduced, and the expectations for our market are, therefore, also great”.

Lejla Zorlak said that the launch of Coca‑Cola Zero in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the largest events for the company in BiH. “Coca‑Cola Zero found its pool of consumers in each country, and that has had a positive effect on all the business indicators. Our estimate is that it will become the leading trademark in the light non-sugar soft drink segment and contribute to its growth this year”, concluded.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Coca‑Cola Zero will be available in 0.5 L, 1 L and 2 L PET bottles, as well as in 0.25 L glass bottles. The promotion of this new beverage will be followed by an advertising campaign in a variety of local media.

For more information, please contact:

Alma Šahbaz
Public Affairs & Communications Department 

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