Sarajevo, 11 August 2016 –Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Film Festival presented today in front of the National Theatre, a special, limited edition aluminium bottle, dedicated to the Festival and an irresistible feeling connecting the Coca‑Cola and the SFF.

Designed to celebrate the magic connecting and existing for 20 years, the bottle shows the red carpet and the National Theatre in the ceremonial and festive atmosphere. The bottle is a special gift from the Coca‑Cola to the Sarajevo Film Festival, the city of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year of important jubilees – our 20th anniversary of the partnership with the SFF and the 40th anniversary of conducting business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The favourite beverage in this limited, festive aluminium package will be available during the Festival in Sarajevo.

“It is our pleasure to contribute to the tradition of building a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina that the Sarajevo Film Festival has been doing for two decades. On behalf of the partnership we established twenty years ago, as one of the leaders in marketing innovation in the world, we present a special edition of the aluminium bottle, which celebrates this partnership, creativity, art and the Sarajevo Film Festival. We always have in mind how important the SFF for Bosnian and Herzegovinian community is and, therefore for the Coca‑Cola.

Thanks to this cooperation, we are able to contribute to the quality of life and the well being of our community, to help the film scene, primarily young filmmakers, and to promote Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as an important film festival centre and an inevitable destination every year in August”, Adnan Topić, a Commercial Director and a Director of the Coca‑Cola franchise, said.

A specially designed Coca‑Cola aluminium bottle was created to celebrate two decades of cooperation between the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Coca‑Cola. The Coca‑Cola has invested its recognition for the creative approach regarding partnerships, and came up with the design celebrating this important jubilee.

‘We are honoured to have the strongest international brand with the Sarajevo Film Festival for twenty years now. Thanks to the Coca‑Cola proactivity at the time, other brands stood by us which allowed us to feel the support and continue to invest all the effort into this project. The fact that the Coca‑Cola recognised the importance of the SFF allowed it to grow from a film event to a cultural and tourist attraction. Socially responsible business of the companies is of vital importance because it allows us to create big things, to host the biggest names of the world cinema and that fact speaks enough of how much we have done for this city, for young filmmakers and for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This special Coca‑Cola bottle is incredibly dear to us because the guests of the Festival will have the opportunity to take a special souvenir with them’ Mirsad Purivatra, a Director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, said.

This year, the Coca‑Cola HBC B-H Sarajevo celebrates its big jubilee, 40 years of successful business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the support projects to the activities in the community and socially responsible business, the company has paid special attention to empowering the Sarajevo Film Festival. The study on socio-economic impact of the Coca‑Cola system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 2014, documents that only in the 2010 – 2014 period the Coca-cola invested more than BAM 500,000 to support the Sarajevo Film Festival.

During the last 21 years, the Sarajevo Film Festival has positioned itself as one of the most important festivals in the South-East Europe, and in 2014 only, it attracted more than 850 accredited media representatives from 35 countries and more than 100,000 visitors. Besides providing the opportunity to see the latest international and regional films, the Festival enables filmmakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet industry professionals, network and promote their work. More than 100,000 visitors, guests and tourists stay in Sarajevo during the Festival, ensuring income for the economy, primarily in the tourist sector.