We are one of the largest companies in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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1969 - Distribution of Coca‑Cola products on the market of the (then) Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina begins.

1975 - Construction and commencement of operations of the bottling plant in Hadžići under the name "Slovin- Ljubljana OOUR Hadžići punionica Coca‑Cola pića".

1984 - In celebration of the XIV Winter Olympic Games being held in Sarajevo, Coca‑Cola introduces limited edition cans bearing the logo of the Games.

1989 - The Sarajevo bottling plant begins to operate under the name "IBP Hadžići – punionica Coca‑Cola pića".


1992 - Operation of the bottling plant in Hadžići is interrupted by the outbreak of war.

1996 - Coca‑Cola Amatil opens a representative office in Sarajevo and begins distributing Coca‑Cola products from Croatia and Austria.

1997 - Branch offices are opened in Tuzla and Bihać.

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1998 - First can of Coca‑Cola with the label Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina is produced in the Sarajevo Brewery. Branch office opens in Mostar. Coca‑Cola becomes a sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

1999 - Coca‑Cola Amatil is split into two parts, and Coca‑Cola Beverages emerges, a new system in which operations continue under the name "Coca‑Cola Beverages B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo".

2000 - On 26th October production begins in the newly-built bottling plant in Hadžići, and the first PET bottles of Coca‑Cola are produced in 2-litre size. Branch office opens in Banja Luka.


2002 - A consumer information centre and the first free customer info-line in Bosnia and Herzegovina are put into operation. ISO 9001 certification.

2003 - Coca Cola Beverages B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo changes its name to Coca Cola HBC B-H d.o.o. Sarajevo, operating within the Coca Cola HBC Group. ISO 14001 certification.

2004 - The bottling of Olimpija natural and carbonated spring water begins.

2005 - HACCP standards successfully introduced.

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2006 - Domestic production of PET preforms begins. OHSAS 18001 certification.

2007 - ISO 22000 certification. Initiative launched to establish BiHPAK.

2008 - Second bottling line for PET packaging introduced.

2009 - Start of production of the Cappy Tempo brand. In the final of the state competition for socially-responsible companies "DOBRO'09" Coca‑Cola HBC B-H declared the winner in the category "Responsible Business Practices".


2010 - At the state competition DOBRO'10, Coca Cola HBC B-H declared the most socially-responsible company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2011 - Certification according to The Coca‑Cola Company KORE requirements. Coca‑Cola HBC B-H becomes a co-founder of Ekopak. In cooperation with UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, project Čist Vrbas is launched.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Adria

2012 - Production of Coca‑Cola Zero begins. Coca‑Cola HBC B-H operates within the joint business unit Coca‑Cola HBC Adria alongside Coca‑Cola HBC Croatia, with Coca‑Cola HBC Slovenia joining two years later.

2013 - For the sixth consecutive year, Coca Cola HBC B-H is among ten most desirable employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the votes of visitors to the employment portal posao.ba.


2014 - Coca Cola HBC B-H actively contributes to the mitigation of the consequences of the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which it receives special recognition from the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federal Civil Protection Administration.

Coke Summership

2015 - Start of production of the Emotion brand. The Socio-Economic Impact Study of the Coca‑Cola System in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented.

2016 - Summer internship program Coke Summership launched.

2017 - Youth Empowered program - Coca-Colina podrška mladima u BiH - launched.